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Game Boxfor Alexa

Have a good time with an awesome visual voice-games!

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Game Box is a Skill for enjoying a variety of casual games, including balloon popping, safe cracking, and whack-a-mole games.

Each game can be played by up to 4 players, so you can enjoy them as party games together with your friends and family.

This Skill is for devices with a screen. Please enjoy with a device, such as the Echo Show series or Echo Spot.

Video (3min+)

How to start the skill



1. Activate the skill from the Skills page above.
2. "Alexa, open Game Box!"

Included Games

1. Hot Balloon

The balloon in front of you is slowly expanding - pass it to the next person before it pops! The time limit is 10 seconds per person. Run out of time, and it’s game over!

2. Cut Wire

The time bomb is ticking! Follow the instructions to cut the correct color wires. The time limit is 7 seconds. Make a mistake or run out of time, and the bomb explodes!

3. Unlock

You’ve sneaked into the safe room; now, relying on sound alone, you must turn the dial to open the safe! It’s a battle against time to break the lock!

4. Great Escape

The animals have escaped from the zoo! Work together to remember all the animals and return them to their home!

5. Whack-A-Mole

Moles are making a mess of your precious garden - drive them out with your squeaky hammer! Be careful not to accidentally hit any other animals!

About Free Mode

The first 7 days after you start using this Skill are a free trial period, during which you can play any game you like at any time.

After the free trial period, this Skill will switch to Free Mode, in which you can play one different Daily Game each day. If you would like to play any game available, consider buying Tickets as explained below

About Tickets

The main ticket types that can be purchased in-skill are as follows:

- Monthly Pass

A monthly subscription Ticket. You can play any game you like during the subscription period. You may cancel at any time.

- All Access Pass

A one-time purchase Ticket. By buying this Ticket, you can play any game you like at any time for an unlimited time.



Director / Designer / Engineer
Toru Kobayashi (KANTETSU WORKS)
voice app lab